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Cosmos – 20 07 1969
Cosmos – 20 07 1969
Cosmos – 20 07 1969

    Cosmos – 20 07 1969

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        Cosmos is a game about space. 48 cards with planets, satellites, and constellations, 4 star-pawns to travel around the Solar System, 1 dice to move in space… all for two games: the Solar System and the Constellations.

        Visit the planets, but try to avoid the satellites that will slow down your path, and fly between the constellations to get to the moon … that’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind!

        Includes :

        • 48 cards
        • 1 die
        • 4 pawns
        • instruction manual

        Roll the die and move your token to reach the Moon. You move closer, you move away, or you have to pass a test.
        Challenge your friends on the characteristics of planets, satellites, and constellations to be the first to land on the Moon.”

        Ages: 5 years & up

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