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Space Adventure (Set of 3 books)
Space Adventure (Set of 3 books)

    Space Adventure (Set of 3 books)

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        1) Learn about Rockets

        Zayn and Zoey have a fun weekend making super-fast rocket balloons, and learning about space rockets with Dad. They even find out about an important law of science that actually helps rockets lift off the ground!

        Join Zayn and Zoey in this book to…

        Understand what makes rockets fly so high.
        Know the different parts of a rocket.
        2) Solar System

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        Zayn and Zoey are out camping. It is still dark outside when dad wakes them up. He shows them some planet in the early morning sky. The kids are amazed! Dad has a brilliant idea – he uses the campsite to recreate the solar system!

        Join Zayn and Zoey in this book to:

        Learn about the planets in our Solar System
        Understand what is rotation and revolution

        Know about other celestial bodies – meteoroids, asteroids, comets

        All about Earth & Moon
        Zayn & Zoey were in the park racing with Dad. Zayn ran so fast that Zoey thought he’d reach the end of the world! Is that even possible? Dad and Mom answered all their questions about Earth and its Moon.

        Join Zayn & Zoey in this book to…

        Understand how Earth gets its shape
        Know about rotation and revolution and their effect
        Find out how the Moon helps planet Earth
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