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Chroma Blends Neon Watercolor Paint- 13 Piece Set

Chroma Blends Neon Watercolor Paint- 13 Piece Set

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Neon is back and oh-so-cool too and now you can use it in your latest watercolour projects giving them a bright neon glow! This watercolour paint set of 12 blendable neon colours lets you create an infinite amount of new colours on the spot and with a fun stand-out neon sheen too!

Detailed Description

Get fun and futurist with your next watercolour project using the Neon Chroma Blends™ Watercolour Paint Set! With 12 fun and inspiring colours and the included brush you have everything you need to make a stand-out bright and cheerful painting! Mix and blend each colour to make more colours than a rainbow; plus these amazing watercolour paints work on darker paper too, even black! With so much potential, getting creative with arts and crafts has never been so easy! These fun-filled paints come in a travel-friendly case with a cover that doubles as a paint palette. All you need is a splash of water, some Chroma Blends watercolour paper and your imagination!

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Product Designed in the US | Manufactured in China


  • Watercolour paint set with 12 blendable neon watercolours - make your art projects stand-out and shine
  • Brush Included - ready to go right out of the box
  • Bright enough to work on black paper, too!
  • Cover doubles as a paint palette
  • Suitable for Ages 6 and Up


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