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Click-It Erasers: Funtastic Friends

Click-It Erasers: Funtastic Friends

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Detailed Description

One small mistake for mankind, one giant click eraser for space explorers. With a variety of “out of this world” designs, these astronaut click erasers are just what you’re looking for to erase those pencil mistakes. Available in 4 styles.

Blast your mistakes into outer space with just a couple of clicks, with this astronaut click eraser. The Astronaut ClickIt Eraser is one big eraser encased in a handy and durable barrel. When you need more pencil eraser just click away. Choose from 4 different colours each with a unique astronaut design; blue, green, navy and purple.
  • Fun Clicking Action
  • Easy to Hold
  • Available in 4 Styles
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up
Product Designed in the U.S.



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