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Yumbox Snack 3 Section - True Blue

Yumbox Snack 3 Section - True Blue

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The Yumbox Leakproof Bento Snack Box is here now in a slightly bigger size!3-compartment food tray (illustrated)

Detailed Description

Pack wet foods like thick yogurt and dips (not water).
Perfect for anyone that packs snacks.

  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: Yumbox Snack is designed to make your snacks easy to pack, use and makes food look appetising. Its molded silicone lined lid engages with the tray so food stays in place, wet foods too! Pack dips next to crackers with no worries. One easy to open and close latch makes Yumbox a perfect lunchbox for little ones. The removable compartmentalized tray helps you pack a variety of healthy treats.

  • IDEAL SMALL PORTION SIZES:  The compartments are portioned for snacks.

  • PERFECT EASY PACKED SNACKS: Packed snacks looks appetising in Yumbox Snack box and encourages your kids to eat more fruits and veggies.  To keep contents cool, place Yumbox Snack in an insulated Bag and add an ice pack.

  • EASY CLEANING: Hand washing is easy and ideal to preserve the life of the seal. Dishwasher safe. Top rack only.
  • Special Care instructions for the silicone seal: Please be sure to empty contents each day, hand wash with warm soapy water and thoroughly dry your Yumbox before storing. Also, if you live in a damp or humid environment, leave Yumbox ajar, not sealed when storing to avoid trapping moisture. If you pack oily foods regularly, coat with a baking soda paste once a week overnight to avoid build-up.

  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE & LIGHT: Yumbox isl food-safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free. Yumbox is compact & lightweight. All products are FDA and CPSIA compliant.

    Product Designed in the U.S. | Manufactured in China 


    VOLUME & DIMENSIONS: 2 cups:  One 1 cup + 2/3 cup + dip or treat well.
     6.7(l) x 5.1(w) x 1.8(h) inches, 355ml 


    Customer Reviews

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    Urvashi Singh (via WhatsApp - verified by
    5 Stars - Very Good

    5 Stars - Very Good

    5 Stars

    Very Good

    Shafzeena Shunaiz
    5 Stars

    Very Good

    Ashni Dwarkadas
    Lightweight and convenient

    This snack box works so well for my kids! The compartments are so convenient, and the contents never get mixed up or spill out. The personalisation makes it look great too. We can’t do without this!

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