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DIY Pebble Painting Kit

DIY Pebble Painting Kit

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One of the most simple yet fun kits is our DIY Pebble Pet Kit. After all, it's the simple pleasure in life that bring the most happiness. With this kit, you can create beautiful designs on river pebbles and keep them on your desk as a paper weight, near your plants or keep the kids engaged with creating their own little "pet" 🐰

Detailed Description

The poster colours in the kit are a great feature because they allow you to keep painting the pebble as many times as you want! All you have to do is put it under water and rub it with soap and ta-da! Good as new. You can paint over it as many times as you want! ⭐️
⏰ 5-20 mins for making it (depending on the complexity of the design) | 🎨 10 mins drying time for the paints.
What can you do with it?
💁🏻‍♀️ Make it, flaunt it!
💝 Do it with your friends and make it a #PlayDate
🎀 Create beautiful designs and gift it to your loved ones
🎁 These are perfect return gifts for your little one's birthday party!

Fun Fact
You can paint over it as many times as you want! ⭐️ The poster colours are easy to wash so you can create as many designs as you want on it.

Product Designed & Made in India



  • 1 Messy Mat
  • 2 Pebbles
  • 1 Rangeela + Paintbrush
  • 3 pairs Googly Eyes
  • Dimensions: 17x16x6 cm


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