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Fabric Crayons Basics 2 Pack

Fabric Crayons Basics 2 Pack

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Detailed Description

Use these creamy colours like a crayon or an oil pastel!

Features and Benefits:

  • Colour glides on smoothly for a bright, even finish
  • Create unique effects by blending and smudging once applied to fabric
  • Permanent and machine washable once heat set
  • Easy-to-use applicator twists from the bottom

How to Use:

Always test first for best results.

  1. Prewash fabric; do not use fabric softener.
  2. Insert T-shirt form between layers of fabric.
  3. Twist crayon from bottom to expose colour. Apply to fabric and let dry.
  4. Cover design with a thin cloth. Heat set for 1 to 2 minutes with a dry iron set to the highest temperature suitable for fabric.
  5. Turn fabric inside out and wash on gentle cycle. Air dry.


  • Create new colours by blending on fabric while colours are still wet.
  • Create a gradation of colours by varying pressure as you apply to fabric.
  • Colours can be smudged with fingertips or a brush while wet.



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