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First Rainforest Book

First Rainforest Book

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Detailed Description

First Rainforest Book takes young learners aged 5+ on a terrific trek into our world's wonderful rainforests, helping them to uncover everything there is to know about our green planet. 

  • Bright, simple, clearly labelled illustrations on every spread
  • Activity panels and fun characters encourage learning
  • Includes a Rainforest Layers wall poster, stored away at the front of the book

Children can take a hike through some truly special forest habitats and meet the animals that call them home, through amazing information and vibrant illustrations. Rainforests in trouble, Fruits of the forest, In the treetops, The forest floor and Night time are just some of the topics covered inside this awesome book. Vital rainforests such as the Amazon and animal legends including orangutans and macaws are introduced along the way. There's also an activity to try on every spread, plus a quiz page!

Unfold the awesome wall poster where you will find a beautifully detailed scene showing the different layers of a rainforest such as the Canopy and the Understorey. There are helpful descriptions and a colourful key to tell you what animal lives in each layer.

Ages: 5+
Dimensions: 260 x 260 mm



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