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Digital Meal Plan Subscription

Digital Meal Plan Subscription

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Detailed Description

You work, you shop for groceries, you cook, you have your social commitment and plus spend time with your family.

Are you tired of trying to figure out every meal every day?
Do you get asked "aaj khaane mein kya hai" all the time?
Wonder why kids are never excited about what you make?

Let us help you! The KSP Meal Plans Subscriptions are the treasure trove you need to simplify your days. When you sign up for KSP Meal Plans you get - 

  • We give you a mix of everything nice – Regular Indian meal ideas, a bit of dadi ma’s traditional recipes, recipes from around the world and of course, we plan it for you based on the seasonal produce available in the market. 
  • A weekly meal plan in your inbox & WhatsApp
  • ​30 meal ideas every week for 52 weeks
  • ​A specially curated recipe only for subscribers
  • ​A seasonal grocery list every week to shop smart
  • ​Tried & tested tips and hacks

Find kid-approved meals, seasonal recipe ideas, a curated weekly meal plan, and tips to tide over fussy eating habits - all under one roof. Start today!



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