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Large MINI Beads Pegboards - 2 Ct

Large MINI Beads Pegboards - 2 Ct

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Detailed Description

The Large Mini Beads Pegboards are designed to work with Perler mini beads to create coloUrful, creative projects on a larger workspace.

  • In this set of 2, each pegboard is 5.875" x 5.875" and can be interlocked with other large and small Mini Bead square pegboards.
  • For ages 12 and up.
  • This Perler Mini Beads Pegboard set includes 2 interlocking large square Mini Bead pegboards, 2 pieces of ironing paper, and easy instructions.
  • Use with MINI Perler Fuse Beads

Product designed in the U.S | Made in China



Customer Reviews

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Roji Jones (via WhatsApp - verified by
5 Stars - Very Good

I really had great experience with the previous purchase I received all thr product on time without missing any product.

But if there's something like if we purchase above 3000 rs if you can give us some free products would be great. That motivates us to buy more in future.

Example Even a pen or note book or tote bag or sticker or pouch etc would be great

Harshwanth Chandhar (via WhatsApp - verified by
5 Stars - Very Good

5 Stars - Very Good

Mithilesh kumar Badhai
5 Stars

Very Good

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