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Mezmo Funky Gift Box

Mezmo Funky Gift Box

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Detailed Description

Nothing says true love like an entire box of candy that’s delicious, healthy and completely guilt free! Now here’s a gift they will not want to return. Perfect for your friends, family or maybe even a little self care!

12 Very Strawberry Jellies
12 Funky Mango Pineapple Jellies
12 Sweetly Sour Apple Jellies


  • *No White Sugar - sweetened with fruit juice concentrate.
  • *With Real Fruit Pulp
  • *Vegan - fruit based pectin and citrus peel powders for gelling.
  • *Good for the gut.
  • *Gluten free
  • *Non GMO
  • *No Preservatives
  • *No Added Colours

Material: Jellies

Dimensions: 15x10x15cm

Product Made in India.




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