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Mezmo Funky Mango Pineapple (Pack Of 3)

Mezmo Funky Mango Pineapple (Pack Of 3)

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Detailed Description

Mango season or not, Mezmo Candy will make sure you get this feeling, all year round.
Bite into the juicy fruit candy and savour its sweet yet tangy taste. Mixed with a dash of pineapple, it's the perfect tropical treat to share with friends or gobble up all by yourself!
Let every bite remind you of your favourite summer vacation.
Here at Mezmo, we make candy good for you, so you don't have to compromise. That’s why our jellies are high on nutrition and low on the icky stuff so you can enjoy your favourite treats without feeling guilty.

Material: Jellies

Dimensions: 15x10x15cm

COLOUR: Yellow

Product Made in India.




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