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Mezmo Jellies Box of 5

Mezmo Jellies Box of 5

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Detailed Description

DESCRIPTION - Instructions & Care:
There’s no such thing as too much candy. Can’t decide which flavour’s your favourite? Why not have them all!
Our jellies box comes bursting with the tangy goodness of Tangelo Orange, the tarty kick of Tarty Lemon and the velvety smooth finish of Very Strawberry.

12 Tangelo Orange Jellies
12 Very Strawberry Jellies
12 Tarty Lemon Jellies
12 Sweetly Sour Apple Jellies
12 Funky Mango Pineapple Jellies


  • *No White Sugar - sweetened with fruit juice concentrate.
  • *With Real Fruit Pulp
  • *Vegan - fruit based pectin and citrus peel powders for gelling.
  • *Good for the gut.
  • *Gluten free
  • *Non GMO
  • *No Preservatives
  • *No Added Colours

Material: Jellies


Product Made in India.




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