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Mezmo Tangelo Orange (Pack Of 3)

Mezmo Tangelo Orange (Pack Of 3)

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Detailed Description

Transport yourself to cool waves crashing against the shore on a warm summer eve, a zing of orange in a cotton candy sky, freshly picked oranges on a crisp spring morning with a sharp, refreshing kick of tart balanced with sweet citrusy goodness of tangelo orange with each serving.
Here at Mezmo, we make candy Good for you, so you don't have to compromise. That’s why our jellies are high on nutrition and low on the icky stuff so you can enjoy your favourite treats without feeling guilty.

  • *No White Sugar - sweetened with fruit juice concentrate.
  • *With Real Fruit Pulp
  • *Vegan - fruit based pectin and citrus peel powders for gelling.
  • *Good for the gut.
  • *Gluten free
  • *Non GMO
  • *No Preservatives
  • *No Added Colours

Material: Jellies


COLOUR: Orange

Product Made in India.




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