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Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Call Me

Note Pals Sticky Tabs - Call Me

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Detailed Description

These Note Pals sticky note tabs are the perfect pick-me-up while studying. Each sticky note features a playful design of a friend chatting on the phone. This fun office accessory is great as a charismatic bookmark or an imaginative page marker!

This is just about the most playful study group you’ll ever find! Use these sticky note tabs to remind you that studying doesn’t always have to be so super serious. Or when it is, these are perfect for a quick dose of fun. Note Pals Call Me sticky tabs feature a group of friends chatting on the phone. Use these to help organize your pages while cramming for an exam, or let them serve as a useful bookmark when you settle in to read that bestselling novel. Mix and match all of Note Pals super cute sticky notes so you can change them up at your every whim! Suitable for ages 6 and up.

keep in touch and organized with sticky notes

  • Sticky note tabs from Note Pals featuring a group of friends on the phone
  • 96 paper tabs
  • Useful for organizing notes or as a bookmark

    Product designed in the U.S.| Manufactured in China.



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