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Note Pals Sticky Tabs: Cute Dinos

Note Pals Sticky Tabs: Cute Dinos

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Detailed Description

Dinosaurs might be from the Jurassic era and beyond, but nothing feels outdated about this set of dino-mite sticky note tabs. Designed in comforting blues and pinks, these dinosaur characters are on your side, helping you make your mark in books and notebooks. So be sure to get these sticky bookmarks before they go extinct!

Are you an “organizationasaurus”? Then you’ll definitely want to use these dino-rrific sticky note tabs whenever you need a sticky bookmark, or you want to make a note, or you need to stick a reminder on something. These Note Pals are also perfect for leaving a surprise message for your little one in their lunch box! And Note Pals dinosaur-themed sticky tabs make a great little gift for those kids who can’t get enough of the Mesozoic Era! Suitable for ages 6 and up.

dino-mite sticky note tabs

  • Sticky notes tabs that feature an adorable dinosaur theme
  • 96 paper tabs
  • Use these as sticky bookmarks, as study tabs, or for quick reminders

      Product designed in the U.S.| Manufactured in China.



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