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Ouchie Kids Bandages Pack of 20 - Space

Ouchie Kids Bandages Pack of 20 - Space

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Detailed Description

The 'Ouchie Kids Bandages 20-pack' by Aya Papaya is crafted from A-Grade plaster materials, are hypoallergenic & non toxic.

They can be used for various purposes ranging from dressing a cut or scrape to sticking on for some plain fun!

Their products are especially designed to distract and delight your little one by making the healing process a little less painful and a lot more fun!

With super cool prints and variants, we encourage kids to hide their wound and not their style.

It’s time to put a smile on that wound, so go ahead, have a HAPPY HEAL!NG

Includes: This box contains 20N colourful plasters with unique characters and fun-tastic prints

Use: For minor cuts and scrapes

*For deep puncture wounds, please consult a doctor*

  1. Clinically tested
  2. Dermatologically tested
  3. Clinically/dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  4. Safe & Fun!

Directions:- Peel off plastic from the top right corner of individual bandage packing- Remove bandage and apply to clean and dry skin- Do not apply sticky surface of bandage to wet/moist skin to avoid it slipping off- It is recommended to change the plaster daily for wound sanitation- If wound persists, recurs or worsens, please consult a doctor.

Ages: 1+ years, Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic

Dimensions of box: 11 x 8 x 3 cm

Product Designed in India



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5 Stars - Very Good

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