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Pastel Mints Scented Flexitip Highlighters - Set of 10

Pastel Mints Scented Flexitip Highlighters - Set of 10

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Detailed Description

Highlight your notes in beautiful pastel colours with a minty fresh smell. Pastel Mints is a set of pastel highlighters that will colour your journals, notes and hand written calendars in a beautiful colour palette. The unique, soft flexible tips make for silky smooth lining of your most important notations

Keep your handwritten notes, calendars and journals fresh with Pastel Mints pastel highlighters. But we mean fresh in more ways than one because not only do pastel highlights bring a bright look to your notes but these scented highlighters also smell like fresh mint. Each Pastel Mint highlighter has a unique soft flexible tip that makes for a truly pleasurable highlighting experience. And with 10 colours to choose from your notes will be coloured and organized in a beautiful pastel palette.

  • Pastel highlighters
  • Set of 10
  • Soft flexible tips for smooth highlighting
  • Pastel coloured
  • Mint Scented
  • Suitable for ages 6 and up
      Product Designed in the U.S. | Manufactured in China



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