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Perler Beads Bulk Assorted Multicolour Fuse Beads - 18,000 Multi-Mix

Perler Beads Bulk Assorted Multicolour Fuse Beads - 18,000 Multi-Mix

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Detailed Description

What are Perler Beads?

They’re small plastic beads with a hollow center. They come in a variety of colours and styles, including glitter, glow-in-the-dark and striped. Arrange them in a pattern to create your own design or find ideas on pinterest using your pegboard. Then iron with a piece of ironing paper to fuse beads together.

Turn your creations into magnets, bookmarks, keychains and other cool gifts!

Possibilities are endless with this 18,000 multi-mix bead jar from Perler. With plenty of beads and a wide variety of colours, these Perler Beads will keep kids and adults busy for hours!

  • Includes (18000) assorted Perler fuse beads and reusable ironing paper in 1 plastic storage jar.
  • This mega set of 18,000 Perler fuse beads comes with over 20 unique colours, including zebra stripe and kiwi lime!
  • This multi-colour Perler bead activity set is an awesome way to start your Perler bead collection!
  • Use Perler pegboards, ironing paper, and an iron to complete your craft!

    Product designed in the U.S | Made in China



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