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Philadelphia Chicken
Philadelphia Chicken

    Philadelphia Chicken

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        What an event! What a show! It's catchy and quirky. Tuneful and toe-tapping. Exuberant, unexpected and utterly endearing It's what happens when you take a beloved illustrator and children's author and combine her buoyant genius with some of the most talented people on the stage - presenting PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS! Created by Sandra Boynton - whose titles with Workman have over 4.7 million copies in print - PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS is a family musical in a book, bringing together a full-colour songbook of 17-1/2 illustrated story-poems with a full-length, fully orchestrated CD of original songs performed by an all star cast.

        From the Back Cover

        That curious Boynton pizzazz takes to the stage in Philadelphia Chickens, a zippy musical production for kids and way beyond. And just wait till you hear who's in the cast...

        • The Seldom Herd sings "Cows"
        • Meryl Streep sings "Nobody Understands Me"
        • The Bacon Brothers sing "Philadelphia Chickens"
        • Keith Boynton sings "Be Like a Duck"
        • Laura Linney sings "Please, Can I Keep It?"
        • Eric Stoltz sings "Snuggle Puppy"
        • Patti LuPone sings "I Like to Fuss"
        • The Bacon Brothers sing "Snoozers"
        • Caitlin McEwan sings "Faraway Cookies"
        • John Stey sings "Fifteen Animals"
        • The Heath Sisters sing "Belly Button" (round)
        • Kevin Kline sings "Busybusybusy"
        • Michael Ford sings "Those Dinosaur Bones"
        • Darcy Boynton chants "Dinosaur, Dinosaur"
        • Beth Andrien sings "Jump Rope Jive"
        • Scott Bakula sings "Pig Island"
        • Adam Bryant sings "Pajama Time"
        • Natasha Richardson sings "Silly Lullaby"
        • Aaaardvarks (Mark Linn-Baker, Joe Grifasi, Michael Gross & Devin McEwan) sing "The Intermission Song"
        With these performers, words and pictures by Sandra Boynton, and music by the incomparable Rhinoceros Tap team of Boynton & Ford, you have to hear it to believe it. And even then, it may take a while.

        Ages: 5-8 years
        Dimensions : 21.11 x 1.12 x 26.19 cm
        64 pages

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