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Plum® Premium Metal Single Swing and Glider with Mist

Plum® Premium Metal Single Swing and Glider with Mist

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Detailed Description

Get ready for some water fun with the Plum®Premium Single Swing and Glider with Mist. Children and friends can have hours of energetic play as they share the glider and swing!

The Plum® Premium Metal Mist range includes a unique water feature that hooks up to your hose pipe for outdoor water fun. This swing set combination is a great way for children to keep active even on the hottest days in summer.

Mist swings have a larger 2.2m frame, the extra height increases performance for a bigger swing! The stylish sky blue and grey metal frame has a textured finish, is extra thick for strength and galvanized inside and out giving the swing set added durability and weather protection.

It comes with an ergonomic sky blue heavy-duty injection molded plastic seat, adjustable soft feel ropes for added comfort and a built-in fine water spraying system for cooling off on hot days.

Parents can have peace of mind their children are riding a quality swing set, with safety standards at the center of its design.

Material: Powder Coated Steel

PRODUCT Dimensions: H218 x W210 x L238cm

PACKING Dimensions:
L120 X W37 X H21.5 cm

Box 1: 120 X 26 X 16.5 cm
Box 2: 59 X 37 X 21 cm

Product Made in China.




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