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Scratch & Explore Book: Dinosaurs

Scratch & Explore Book: Dinosaurs

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Detailed Description

Get ready to reveal the wonders of the human body in the Scratch & Explore Book: Dinosaurs. 
From terrifying predators to gentle giants, scratch your way back in time to discover dinosaurs hiding everywhere. 

This book contains 10 dinosaur scratch pictures that you can customise with your stylus to reveal bright colours hiding underneath the scratch ink. 

Then, on the back of each scratch picture is a page full of interesting facts about the dinosaurs featured in the book, from the Plesiosaurus to might T. Rex there's so much to learn! 

Also included in this action-packed book are 20 pages of body-themed activities to test your knowledge and keep you entertained for hours. Have fun while tracing the dinosaur tracks, completing the stomping crossword puzzle or designing the ultimate armour for your own dino. 

With tons of bitesize facts to make you go "wow", plus totally roar-some activities there is so much to explore!

What’s Included:

  • 10 scratch art pictures to customise and create
  • 10 pages of exciting dinosaur facts
  • 20 pages of dino-themed activities
  • A sturdy scratch art stylus included
  • Hardback book that makes this perfect for on-the-go learning and fun
        Ages: 5-8 years
        Dimensions: H257 x W203 x D20mm



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