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Step2 Play-Up Gym Set

Step2 Play-Up Gym Set

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Detailed Description

A playhouse and swing set in one, kids will enjoy outdoor playtime for hours with friends flexing gross and fine motor skills, sharing and storytelling, and getting creative with their imaginations!

Climb up the sturdy stairs onto the playhouse platform, where a steering wheel awaits for pretend play magic to come to life. Take the slide back down to swing or crawl under the playhouse for secret club meetings! Pretend the playhouse is a pirate ship and use the steering wheel to escape enemy ships; fly through the sky with a make-believe airplane; and even cruise through the desert with a dune buggy - the pretend play possibilities are endless! Plus, this swing set is sturdy and durable; it’s made EverTough™ to last through the most active play for years with double-wall construction that’s fade resistant, never chips or needs to be stained, and is easy to clean.

Secure the ground anchors to ensure this outdoor playset stays strong and in place for kids to enjoy for years to come! 

Material: PE/PP Plastic

PRODUCT Dimensions: 190.5 x 283.2 x 213.4 cm

PACKING Dimensions: 214.6 x 58.4 x 102.9 cm

Product Made in USA.




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