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Stick-It Decorative Colouring Roll - Animals

Stick-It Decorative Colouring Roll - Animals

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Detailed Description

This adhesive paper roll can be cut to the desired length and adhered to personalise and decorate your interior, furniture and objects.

It can be easily removed without leaving any residue and reapplied. Stick-it rolls are designed for temporary use and are not as durable as wallpaper.

For optimal use: best when applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as kitchen furniture, cupboard doors, refrigerators, desks, non-Porous walls, storage boxes, placemats, etc. at room temperatures.

As with any roll, the last 15/20cm are often glued to the cardboard tube and are therefore more difficult to unroll or cut. Express your imagination and colour it as you like.

ANIMALS : The animals of the world.

Hours of games & colouring fun alone or with friends, use the poster as a tablecloth, wallpaper...

Includes: 1 printed roll
Dimensions:  5 m x 30 cm
Materials: 100% FSC paper Water-based adhesive 100% recyclable
Product Designed in France & Manufactured in Germany



Customer Reviews

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Pathetic product. Waste of money

Found it on my sponsored stories and thought this will be interesting. But the glue is pathetic. It did not even last on my walls for 12 hours. Came off in like 2 hours and now the purpose of buying this product is lost. There are plenty of scribble books available why would I spend on something like this? It’s total waste. And if they claim if this needs certain paint for the walls then obviously we are not changing the entire paint for such product. I would rather stick the card boards with tape. Complete waste and disappointing thing.

The adhesive behind the roll is made lighter so that the paper doesn't tear and the wall doesn't get spoilt upon removing. It is not a wall decal or wall paper.
We're sharing a few tips with you to make it stick on the wall for uninterrupted colouring:
1) Ensure there's no moisture on the wall (Clean it first with a dry cloth. Keep the room dry and cool in humid weather).
2)Press as you Peel the Roll onto the wall firmly ensuring no bubbles are formed.
This is works well when having kids over for a playdate, birthday party where you don't require an additional stand.

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