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Stories from India (Volume 2)

Stories from India (Volume 2)

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Detailed Description

Zayn and Zoey are jet-setting around India, the seventh largest county in the world. With diverse landscapes, varied and rich cultures and traditions, and glorious history, the country has much to explore and learn about. It is a land of enchanting tales and stories and Zayn & Zoey can’t wait to discover it all! Join Zayn ; Zoey in this series as they explore the magnificent county of India!

This set includes 3 books:

Zayn & Zoey Explore Monuments
Zayn & Zoey Celebrate Festivals
Zayn & Zoey Experience Art & Culture

-Dimension for each set -  9.1 inch x 10 inch x 0.7 inch
-Age - 4 to 8 yrs



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