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The Leopard Who Came To Stretch

The Leopard Who Came To Stretch

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Detailed Description

Perfect book for the child's daily routine. Physical play is very essential for early development. In addition to helping with improving physical strength and dexterity, outdoor play also helps enhance the child’s imagination, cognitive abilities, and emotional strength. In this book, the girl doesn’t want to get on the swings until Papa brings Leopard along. First, she sits and watches him, then slowly starts playing with him and eventually wants to stretch every day!

This book is part of our six book series - 'Animal Series'.

  • The Pig who came to bathe
  • The Giraffe who came to play
  • The Cat who came to lunch
  • The Hippo who came to swim
  • The Panda who came to read

Age: 0-3 years

Early Readers: Yes

Skills: Vocabulary, Imagination, Communication

Dimensions: 7.75"x7.75"

No. of pages: 20

Manufactured in India.




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