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The Pig Who Came to Bathe - Hardback

The Pig Who Came to Bathe - Hardback

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Detailed Description

How can you make bathtime fun for your child? In the book, Mama brings Pig to take a bath alongside her child. In trying to clean all the mud off the pig, the child ends up learning how to clean themselves and thoroughly enjoy having a bath.

The book helps children enhance their vocabulary, communication skills and imagination. The book is also popular amongst early readers and provides the perfect transition from infancy to toddlerhood. It is part of a five book series- Animal Series. The other books in this series include:

  • The Giraffe who came to play
  • The Cat who came to lunch
  • The Hippo who came to swim
  • The Panda who came to read
    Dimensions: 7.76" x 7.76"
    20 Pages
    Ages: 0-3 years




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