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There's A Leopard In My House

There's A Leopard In My House

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One day when Leela goes home from school, a leopard opens the door instead of her mum. “This is my house”, says the leopard. What happens to Leela? What happens to the leopard? Whose house is it really?
Written by award-winning children’s author and columnist Vaishali Shroff, this endearing tale is about a young girl and her spotted guest who gets a little too comfortable in her home.

“A book on the environment that children simply must read. With climate change becoming more and more apparent in our daily lives, it has become all the more important to talk to children about the causes and consequences of environmental degradation.” - MINT Lounge


Dimensions: 20.32 x 1.27 x 20.32 cm

Ages : 4 years and up



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