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thinKitchen®Zoku Teal Dino Straw Kids Bottle, 415 ml

thinKitchen®Zoku Teal Dino Straw Kids Bottle, 415 ml

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Detailed Description

Drinking is as easy as flipping a switch. Simply press down on the back of the mouthpiece and the straw springs into position. When you’re finished hydrating, the straw locks back into a protected, leak-proof position. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • 100% Leak-proof silicone straw
  • Soft touch carry loop
  • With its stylish, yet simple design, cleaning is easy since gunk has fewer parts and pieces to hide in
  • Protective cover keeps mouthpiece clean

Set Includes: 1 Bottle, 1 lid w/straw and carrying cord

Use & Care: Easy to clean & Dishwasher save

Capacity: 415 ml

Material: Plastic

Length - 8 cm, Width - 8 cm, Height - 17.5 cm

Manufactured in China.




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