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thinKitchen™ Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Bowl Set - Multi Colour

thinKitchen™ Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Bowl Set - Multi Colour

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Detailed Description

Nest™ is the ultimate collection of space-saving kitchenware. The unique design allows the individual elements within each set to be stacked neatly together, thereby occupying the absolute minimum amount of space. In this distinct and functional design, the mixing bowls have large non-slip bases and wide carry handles. The small mixing bowl includes measurements inside (ml/fl.oz) for added convenience and a spout for accurate pouring. The measuring cups have been designed to snap together securely and allow measurements from 1 teaspoon (5 ml) to 1 cup (250 ml) to be made. A stainless-steel mesh sieve and a large colander complete the collection of food preparation items.


  • Set includes: 4.5L mixing bowl, 3L colander, 1.65L sieve, 0.5L mixing bowl, 5 x measuring cups
  • Space saving design allows individual elements to stack neatly together
  • Mixing bowl has non-slip base, wide carry handles and handy pouring spout
  • 0.5 L mixing bowl includes metric and imperial measurements inside for added convenience (ml/fl.oz)
  • Includes a stainless steel mesh sieve and large colander

Set Includes:
1 x 4.5 L mixing bowl, 1 x 3 L colander, 1 x 1.65 L sieve, 1 x 0.5 L mixing bowl, 5 x measuring cups.

Use & Care: Dishwasher Safe. Not Microwave Safe

Bowls/Cups: Polypropylene
Sieve: Stainless Steel

Height - 14.5 cm x Width - 28.5 cm x Depth - 28.5 cm (Height - 5¾ x Width - 11¼ x Depth - 11¼ in)

Manufactured in China.




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