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thinKitchen™ Zoku Blue Everyday Outer Core Bottle, 475ml

thinKitchen™ Zoku Blue Everyday Outer Core Bottle, 475ml

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Detailed Description

Zoku’s 16oz. Blue double-wall suspended Glass Core Bottle is the perfect balance of health and style. Fill it with your favorite hot or cold beverages and enjoy the flavors in their crispest form fresh from this pure borosilicate glass bottle. Glass, thread-free mouthpiece will not hold flavors freeing you to switch between beverages. The silicone cushions and encapsulated shell protect the glass, but do not guarantee against breakage. Take your bottle everywhere without the worry of spilling it! 1/4-turn locking cap system is leak-proof and worry free!


  • Double walled to keep drinks hot or cold
  • Pure borosilicate glass core with polymer outer shell
  • Silicone suspension system - protects against impacts
  • Leak proof 1/4 turn locking cap
  • BPA and Phthalate free

Product Dimensions:
Length - 24.7 cm, Width - 7.6 cm, Height - 7.6 cm
Capacity - 16 oz/473 ml
Product Weight: 330 g




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