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thinKitchen™ Zoku Peach Pocket Wipe Dispenser

thinKitchen™ Zoku Peach Pocket Wipe Dispenser

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Detailed Description

The Peach Travel Hand Wipe Set is thoughtfully designed to help you fight germs wherever you’re headed. The silicone dispenser stores 25 eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable hand wipes, and easily attaches to your bag, backpack or purse. The perfect solution for keeping your family safe and sanitized. Pack them in your kid’s school lunch, leave a set at work for wiping down common areas, and be sure to keep a dispenser in your pocket, too, for when you’re traveling or eating on-the-go.

Materials: Polypropylene
Dimensions: Length - 29.3 cm, Width - 5.3 cm, Height - 3.5 cm




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