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Tulip Tropical Sublimation Fabric Markers - 6 Pack

Tulip Tropical Sublimation Fabric Markers - 6 Pack

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Tulip Sublimation Markers 6 pack -Tropical

INNOVATIVE PROCESS: Perfect your designs before transferring to fabric by using Fusion Ink Markers to create your own customised transfers on paper. Paper designs can be used up to several times to heat transfer designs before inks lose their vibrancy. Designs can also be drawn directly onto fabrics before heat setting.

CREATE TRANSFER-LIKE DESIGNS: Fusion Inks permanently bond to fabric fibres once heat set, creating smooth, flexible, transfer-like designs on fabric. Your custom designs won’t crack, crumble or peel – even after washing.

BOLD, VIBRANT COLOURS: These innovative transfer markers feature bullet tips for creating custom detailed designs and wording on fabrics. Inks appear bold and bright after heat setting, and won’t fade or lose their vibrancy after washing.

FOR POLYESTER AND COTTON/POLY BLENDS: While a lot of other fabric markers are formulated to work only on cotton, Tulip Fusion Ink Markers are designed to use on polyester and cotton/poly blend fabrics only. Designs permanently transfer to fabrics with highest heat setting an iron. Use on light-coloured fabrics for best results.

GET CREATIVE: In addition to using paper to trace and transfer images or drawing and colouring directly on fabrics, try using Tulip Fusion Ink Markers with stamps or textured fabrics to creating cool new effects.



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