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Watercolour Butterfly Reusable Wall Stickers

Watercolour Butterfly Reusable Wall Stickers

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Detailed Description

Transform your little one’s room in minutes. Add joy to their world with Wall Paper Scissor's Reusable Watercolour Wall Stickers.
They are eco-friendly and PVC-free. We use a textured, matte, textile film with special technology and glue. So sticking, removing and reusing them without damaging your walls is child’s play!*

It’s as easy as:
1. Wipe, clean* & completely dry the surface of application.
2. Gently peel off your Wall Sticker from the backing sheet.*
3. Stick the sticker on your desired dry, smooth surface: walls, cupboards, windows (let your imagination run wild).
4. Push out any air bubbles with your fingers or a soft cloth.
5. Sit back & admire your work, have a think, move the stickers around* till your’e in love.
6. Do a happy dance!


4 sheets (13 x 19 in)
Total: 32 butterflies | 12 dragonflies | 14 flowers| 10 leaves
Coverage area: if applied with a spacing similar to the image, 1 set will cover approx. 100 sq. ft.
The stickers are individual and you can spread them as you like!

*Terms & Conditions:

  • Illustrative images: Colours may vary slightly after printing. Stickers in images may not be to exact scale.
  • Contains small parts: Always apply the stickers out of reach of children under 3 years old.
  • Allow fresh painted walls to completely dry (atleast 7-10 days) before using stickers.
  • Please thoroughly clean the wall before sticking. Dust and dirt will directly reduce the sticker strength and finish.
  • Please save the backing sheet to best store the stickers in between uses.
  • Please handle stickers gently to avoid tearing.
  • Always test a single sticker on a non-visible part of your wall and peel off after 24 hours to ensure wall strength and avoid any damage before sticking all the stickers.
  • Strength of the stickers may reduce with usage and time.

Product Designed & Manufactured in India



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