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Watercolour Dinosaur Wall Stickers
Watercolour Dinosaur Wall Stickers
Watercolour Dinosaur Wall Stickers

    Watercolour Dinosaur Wall Stickers

    ₹ 4,999.00 All inclusive of taxes
    All inclusive of taxes

    Transform your little one’s room in minutes. Add joy to their world with Wall Paper Scissor's Reusable Watercolour Wall Stickers.
    They are eco-friendly and PVC-free. We use a textured, matte, textile film with special technology and glue. So sticking, removing and reusing them without damaging your walls is child’s play!*

    It’s as easy as:
    1. Wipe, clean* & completely dry the surface of application.
    2. Gently peel off your Wall Sticker from the backing sheet.*
    3. Stick the sticker on your desired dry, smooth surface: walls, cupboards, windows (let your imagination run wild).
    4. Push out any air bubbles with your fingers or a soft cloth.
    5. Sit back & admire your work, have a think, move the stickers around* till your’e in love.
    6. Do a happy dance!

    Includes: 4 sheets (13 x 19 in)
    Coverage area: if applied with a spacing similar to the image, 1 set will cover approx. 100 sq. ft.
    The stickers are individual and you can spread them as you like!

    *Terms & Conditions:

    • Illustrative images: Colours may vary slightly after printing. Stickers in images may not be to exact scale.
    • Contains small parts: Always apply the stickers out of reach of children under 3 years old.
    • Allow fresh painted walls to completely dry (atleast 7-10 days) before using stickers.
    • Please thoroughly clean the wall before sticking. Dust and dirt will directly reduce the sticker strength and finish.
    • Please save the backing sheet to best store the stickers in between uses.
    • Please handle stickers gently to avoid tearing.
    • Always test a single sticker on a non-visible part of your wall and peel off after 24 hours to ensure wall strength and avoid any damage before sticking all the stickers.
    • Strength of the stickers may reduce with usage and time.

    Product Designed & Manufactured in India

    This Product ships immediately.
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